Linton was an immense help with my book. He assisted with narrowing down the title, choosing the right photo, designing the cover, and determining the layout and font. Beyond the actual book itself, he helped me stay organized and manage my time throughout the process. Last but not least, Linton motivated me to do something I always wanted to do for years. I thought I was too busy and believed it was not possible. All in all, he used so many of the great skills he possesses to help make my book a reality.  I can't thank him enough.


Ali Kaplon
Personal Chef
Cooking Creations By Ali

Linton taught me fundamental business skills that I never knew I needed.  Having been a master coach of public speaking, he emphasizes the power of nonverbal communication and how to represent your authentic personality to attract & maintain the ideal customer. His super relatable teaching style is fun and challenging at the same time.  Even when I thought I wanted to give up on a specific technique I found myself trying it out in front of new audiences.  From his training my skincare business has blossomed with new clients and the existing ones are more satisfied.  Thanks Linton, for going the extra mile

Scheramah Washington

Pure Reflections Skin Care

In search for someone to deliver Presentation Skills Training to a team of service professionals, Linton McClain was referred to me.  I was very pleased with the professional manner in which Linton handled the process of identifying exactly what we were looking for in the training.  He incorporated an extensive list of topics into 3, one-hour sessions in a very organized manner that enabled him to deliver a meaningful program to the team.  Linton used techniques that encouraged interaction from the participants, which lead to a greater understanding of the material. The training left an impression on the team and they walked away with tools that will help to improve their job performance.    

Pam Rothenburg

Director, Client Services, CDHM




If I had to use just two words to describe Linton McClain, they would be "Leadership Excellence!!" Over the past 3 years I have watched the leadership excellence that Linton has exampled.  Personally, I have been able to use his success as a roadmap in my own success journey.  Linton's enthusiastic approach to life along with his leadership insight and know-how has given me the opportunity to champion these skill sets and approach in my own life.  By simply following the model that Linton has skillfully outlined, I have adjusted my style to fit the template of my Mentor and Success Coach Linton McClain.  Linton, my brother, continue to charge towards leadership excellence.  

George Casey

Inspirational Speaker


I sought out Linton McClain of Pinnacle High Performance Coaching to help me prepare for interviews. Through the process he
employed I got so much more. I learned how to really define what I want, to take control of the
interview process, to be relaxed and confident, and to apply these learnings beyond the interview.
Linton used active listening and keen insights to develop a program tailored to me and my circumstance.
The program consisted of 3 main areas:

1. Understand myself, what I want, and breaking down the thought patterns that might be holding
me back.
2.  Learn the various aspects of the interview process and methods of responding to questions.
3. Practice interviews to get comfortable with my responses and build confidence in using the
techniques learned.

Linton used his own life experience and a disarming nature to connect with me and make me
comfortable even when going through stressful interview questions. He was the guide, cheerleader,teacher and mentor that ultimately enabled me to develop a mindset and understanding to be

Scott Durland


Linton helped me manage my brand, took my vision, and made it come alive in my logo. I have received such positive feedback from everyone and I am so happy with the results. Linton takes the time to sit down with you to get a good sense of how you want your brand to come across.  We collaborated until we came up with the perfect logo.  It's so much better than I could have imagined. I would recommend Pinnacle High Performance Coaching to anyone looking to brand themselves in a professional way.   


Nita McClellan, Realtor, SFR

The McClellan Group


Linton and I met in Toastmasters in 2009. I was impressed with his work ethic from the time I met him. He kept his commitments, showed up on time, and willingly took on extra responsibilities. He was a highly polished  professional who excelled in every task he took on. I knew he would succeed at anything he set his mind to. I knew he was someone I wanted to keep in touch with.

Fast forward a decade and Linton and I started working together again. I was working on a Silicon Valley startup and looking for a professional coach to help me launch ProlificWriters.Life. I knew that Linton was doing business coaching. Without hesitation, I decided to ask him to help me get through the challenges of being a solopreneur. His encouragement and direction kept me going on days when I felt like the mountain was too high to climb. 

Linton has a way of asking the right questions. Unlike other coaches who pressure clients with statements such as "you should do this," and "I'm going to hold you accountable for that," Linton speaks a different language. He has a way of tapping into your heart. He helps you discover the next best steps to take in order to accomplish your goals. He models what teaches. He's a great listener, in the top 1% of people I know.

 If you've had a long-standing goal that seems out of reach, don't give up. Call Linton. He will help you do the impossible.

Lorraine Haataia ,PhD

Founder of Prolific Writers Life

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