Vision Builder - $150 (One time purchase)

Every good plan has to start from somewhere. This detailed coaching session is designed to help you plan and build a solid foundation, establish your resources, and measure your commitment to your current project.


Daily Accountability - $75 per month

You know what you need to do but you are having trouble with execution. If this sounds like you then a dose of accountability may be the remedy. Daily check-ins will keep you on track and on task to achieve your goals one day at a time. Everything is easier said than done.


Weekly Check-in - $120 per month

Weekly check-ins provide an extra layer of accountability to reach your goals. In these thirty minute sessions we plan your week while developing solid goals. Making a schedule with realistic goals is a good way to create the predictable outcomes needed for success.


Single Coaching Session - $150 

Sometimes working through a complex issue needs a little bit of insight and a change of perspective. A focused coaching session goes a long way in removing distractions hovering in your peripheral. 


Four Coaching Sessions - $480

Use within one month




Leadership Coaching - 12 Weeks

$750  Live Sessions /  $1025 In Person Sessions

GROUP - $550 pp Live /  $825pp In Person   (Minimum 10)

 Leadership is what keeps every organization functioning properly or improperly. A system and structure are only as good as the leadership. Enhance your leadership skills so that you may align yourself with your company's mission and values. Avoid costly mistakes and detours by creating a self-sustaining work culture.


Business Development Coaching - 12 Weeks

$1350  Live Sessions /  $2250 In Person Sessions

GROUP - $750 pp Live /  $1025pp In Person   (Minimum 10)

Do you have dreams of starting your own business? Running a business is a complex endeavor full of complicated twists and turns. Without experience, the learning curve can be too costly and discouraging over time. Save time and money with business development coaching.





Pinnacle matches you to the best program to help you reach your goals. This includes doing an assessment of your needs.

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